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Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

The Douglas County LEPC is a committee of individuals from state and local government, local emergency responders, emergency planners, hospital, transportation, health, environmental groups, print and broadcast media and owners and operators of facilitites with a threshold planning quantity (TPQ) of extremely hazardous substances (EHS). LEPCs address risks from hazardous chemical releases at fixed sites or in transit. We use a variety of methods and strategies to ensure emergency planning and preparedness is accomplished within our district. While LEPCs don't typically respond to emergencies, we are tasked with ensuring the broad issues of planning for a response to a chemical incident has occurred.

The Douglas County LEPC meets on a quarterly basis in conjunction with the DCSA. LEPC meetings are held in February, May, August, and November.

Click here for more information about the Oregon State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) and Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), and to see minutes of the Douglas County LEPC meetings. 

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